Owning just one silk saree from the variety of traditional silks available is a crime. Therefore, here’s a list of silk sarees to choose for the mood and personality you are flaunting on any given day.

1. Diva in Kancheepuram

Premium silks woven with silver and golden threads, intricate weaving patterns and gaudy designs
should define the dazzling diva in a formal event. This rich elegant looking saree is quite comfortable and light to carry and spells luxury in first glance.

2. Bride in Banarasi

The coy bride looks ethereal in a Banarasi silk defined by gold and silver brocade or zari work, fine silk, opulent embroidery with metallic visual effects and mina work. This finely woven silk saree is engraved thickly and hence a bit heavy. They carry Mughal inspired design motifs and are best paired with gold jewellery.

3. Tantalizing in Tussar

If you feel like turning heads with neutral tones than Tussar from Bhagalpur is the silk of the day. Beige and honey-coloured yards are obtained from silk worms but are also turned out in vibrant man made colours. The shine is exceptional and the designs range from tribal to modern abstract making it a bold choice in non-traditional events.

4. Precious in Paat (Assam Silk)

The ethereal white and off-white tones of mulberry silk from Assam are noted for their durability and glossy texture. These hand woven sarees carry traditional motifs with separately attached richly embroidered borders. The paat silk holds much cultural significance and can impart a pristine look for functions any time of the day.

5. Charismatic in Chanderi

Chanderi silks are very light-weight and comfortable and come from Madhya Pradesh. They usually
depict floral and geometric patterns along with traditional coins and peacocks, etc. These crisp silks are confident and stylish yet regal weaves.

Obviously, many more silk sarees are waiting to mirror your personality, so begin shopping. Check them out on our www.facebook.com/kancheepuramvaramahalakshmisilks