Sarees, we love them all. Don’t we? Do we all find them a pain to wear and roam around sometimes? Yes, we do! The saree is forever an elegant piece of clothing to go for that fits us all in the right places. But draping it can be the worst ordeal ever. As if managing the six yards of fabric isn’t difficult enough, we have to drape and pleat with so much consistent care for it not to come loose.

A saree is possibly the easiest and classiest ensemble to go for on any occasion. With a saree, you’ll never look over or under-dressed. However, there are some saree draping sins that you must avoid while wearing a saree. Here’s the breakdown:

#1 Always Pleating the Pallu

The main part of any saree is its pallu. So, make sure that it’s the star every time. While a pleated pallu looks great, it’s not a draping rule you must always follow. If the pallu has a lot of intricate work, flaunt it and let the pallu fall charmingly from your shoulder.

#2 Paying Only Attention to the Pleats

Patience is a virtue you need to follow for a neatly draped saree. No matter how careful you are at the beginning, you are inclined to become callous towards the end. Don’t be! Make sure to either pleat the saree really well or pin the drape in place for a graceful look.

#3 Not Wearing a Fitting Blouse

Nothing ever sabotages a saree than an ill-fitted blouse. If they’re not your perfect fit, don’t hold your breath and try to fit yourself in them. Make sure to wear a tailored blouse that doesn’t bunch up when you wear them. If you’re going for a readymade one, always alter it to suit your figure.

#4 Not Understanding the Saree Fabric

We understand that you’d want to drape your saree like Samantha Prabhu or Anushka Shetty but wait up. Your draping style should always depend on the saree’s material. Silk or cotton sarees will look amazing with a pinned and pleated pallu whereas a chiffon or georgette saree would look best if the pallu was left open.

#5 Using Too Many Pins

It’s a very good idea to use pins to keep the saree intact. Using too many pins, however, is a big problem. Doing so, will make the saree uncomfortable and also increase the chances of tearing up your saree.

Above all, stop fretting about wearing a saree. The saree will always make you look great for any occasion. So, choose your saree, drape it and just have fun!

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